Sharpe's Pottery Heritage and Arts Trust Ltd

Tony Hurrell, Chair of the Trust.

The Trust was formed in 1999 as a strong working partnership between the public and voluntary sectors, initially to take a 125 year lease of the Sharpe's Pottery buildings. It was a partnership of the South Derbyshire District Council and four well established community groups needing accommodation with greater community access.

Photograph of painting 
courtesy of Colin Stevens BA hons - 
Morph Group of Contemporary Artists. Our aim is to encourage wider participation in the arts and exploration of the rich cultural heritage of South Derbyshire and the surrounding area.

By strengthening community pride, a contribution is made towards making South Derbyshire a better place to live, work and visit, thereby helping to secure the economic future of the area.

Pictured right is 'Moira Cathedral', painting courtesy of Colin Stevens BA hons
Morph Group of Contemporary Artists.

The Priority

The Trust's first and most significant project was the rescue of the Sharpe's Pottery site and buildings in Swadlincote for conversion into a museum and community heritage and arts centre.

The Outreach Strategy

The purpose of the outreach strategy is to ensure that heritage and arts opportunities are advertised and made available to people throughout the area. There are a number of ways in which the outreach strategy is being pursued:

We are encouraging development of a network that embraces the many heritage and arts groups existing in the area, thereby enabling a mutual sharing of research and material. We believe that this is contributing to a growth in the number of people who want to explore and celebrate the history and culture of their communities.

Volunteer 'Friends', clearing weeds and 
debris from the site.
A 'Friends of Sharpe's Pottery Museum' organisation is being developed. 'Friends', armed with spades, shovels and brooms, gave help with site clearance in the early stages and a 'Friend' has produced this website. There are new and different ways for anyone interested to be involved with the work of the Trust including:

The Trust has been elected to Associate Membership with the East Midlands Museum Service.

If you would like to know more about the Trust, which is a Registered Charity, please write to:

John Oake.
Mr John Oake (pictured right)
Sharpe's Pottery Heritage and Arts Trust Ltd
23 West Street
DE11 9DG

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